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Dale Rose works solely for the injured or mistreated, and refuses to represent employers or insurance companies.


Good employers recognize that proper health and safety is good for business and will take steps to ensure their systems of work and the workplace environment protects their employees.
Sadly, some employers continue to breach health and safety law, and even good employers’ systems of work break down at times, leading to workplace accidents.

We have decades of experience in bringing – and winning – accident at work claims against negligent employers. We will use that wealth of experience when representing you to secure the maximum amount of work injury compensation, to compensate you for your injuries – and recover lost earnings – after an accident at work.


Workplace injuries occur with alarming frequency and involve not only construction workers but also the public. A construction worker falling off a ladder, a pedestrian being struck by falling debris, a building collapsing and killing someone, and a person suffering from whiplash after being struck by a construction vehicle all are considered Workplace injuries.

Regardless of the cause or severity of an injury from a construction accident, you should demand representation from a lawyer who has experience with construction accidents and understands how to properly investigate the accident to ensure that you are filing the proper claim and requesting maximum compensation.

The workplace injuries lawyers at Dale R. Rose, in McKinney, Texas, have a history of success representing construction accident victims throughout the North Dallas area, including Collin County. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our personal injury team will provide you with aggressive representation and ensure that your interests are fully protected.

To discuss your Texas workplace injury claim and learn how we can help you, please call one of our skilled personal injury lawyers at (972) 737-1333 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Experienced McKinney Workplace Accident Claims Lawyers

Construction accidents can, in many situations, involve multiple parties. This fact is especially important to construction accident victims who suffer severe injuries because a company could have additional insurance to cover your medical claims and compensate you for your injury or loss.

Proper investigation of a construction accident is crucial to determining the amount of available compensation for an accident. For a construction worker, it may mean receiving more benefits than those available through workers’ compensation. For a non-construction worker who is severely injured, it may mean the difference between a partial recovery for compensation and a full recovery for compensation.

We have extensive experience with construction injury claims and represent construction accident victims, including those injured by:

  • Falls from heights, including scaffold accidents, ladder accidents and falls from rooftops
  • Accidents cause by ditches and trenches
  • Construction equipment accidents, including backhoes, cranes, bulldozers, pallet jacks, welding equipment and power tools
  • Construction vehicle accidents, including dump trucks, garbage haulers, bucket trucks, pick-up trucks and autos
  • Electrocutions
  • Building collapse, including roof and floor collapse
  • Wrongful death caused by all types of construction accidents


If you or a family member was hurt in a fall on a wet or slippery surface, or was otherwise injured due to dangerous property conditions, contact Dale R. Rose, in McKinney for a free consultation about the best ways to protect the value of your legal cases claims while recovering from your accident.

Our law firm has many years of experience with the investigation and proof of premises liability claims ranging from slip-and-fall injuries to criminal attacks made possible by negligent or inadequate security measures. Premises liability is the general term used for a property owner’s duty to keep buildings and grounds reasonably safe for the normal use of residents, visitors, commercial patrons and others. Our familiarity with the legal and practical aspects of premises liability litigation represents a major advantage for clients throughout North Texas.

One of the challenges typical of premises liability litigation is to show that the property owner was responsible for the hazard that resulted in injury. In most cases, there will be questions of fact as to whether the owner knew about the dangerous condition or took reasonable steps to repair it or warn about it. In many cases, the defense might also blame the victim — the facts might show that the injured person’s own carelessness played a role in the accident.

To discuss your Texas premises liability case and learn how we can help you, please call one of our skilled McKinney personal injury attorneys at (972) 737-1333 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Experienced Attorneys for North Texas Premises Liability Claims

The premises liability lawyers at Dale R. Rose know how to investigate the facts surrounding the accident to maximize our clients’ opportunity to recover full compensation for all injuries and losses. We also know how to analyze the applicable insurance coverage in a given case to help ensure that any damages we prove can also be collected.

Our experience with the proof of claims related to unsafe property conditions can help protect your interests across a wide variety of accident scenarios:

  • Slip-and-fall injuries in stores or other commercial buildings
  • Trip-and-fall injuries on broken sidewalks, loose carpets or potholed driveways
  • Falls in dark stairways or hallways
  • Falls from heights
  • Accidents in unmarked or open construction zones
  • Injuries caused by falling objects
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Injuries caused by structural failure in ceilings, balconies, stairs or porches
  • Injuries caused by criminal attacks in bars, nightclubs, arenas, hotels, parking garages or other buildings open to the public

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