Knowledge comes by taking things apart: analysis.
But wisdom comes by putting things together.

John A. Morrison

Your lawyer representing you should be someone that you trust both in the office and in the courtroom. Trust that Dale has the experience needed to pursue your case. He knows how to speak for you through his experience as a police officer and then as an attorney since 1992. His unique blend of having practiced in different areas of the law and his volume of trial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants gives Dale a special insight in the handling of your case.

Skilled McKinney, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

Specialities include: PI Claims | Car Wrecks | Truck Wrecks | Construction Accidents | Wrongful Death.

Dale R. Rose has the experience and integrity to represent you for your case. You need someone with vast experience, both in the handling of your claim and in litigation. Dale is your attorney.

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For the Careers button: At this time, Dale’s office is fully staffed, but if you are interested in working as an attorney or legal assistant in a small collegial atmosphere in McKinney, Texas, please feel free to forward your resume and cover letter for future use.

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