What to Do if Police Don’t Show Up After a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident and couldn’t have a police report generated, you should consult an auto accident attorney to learn more about filing a claim without a police report. In addition, they will advise you on how to be compensated for any financial loss and injuries without the help of a police …

Who’s At-Fault if I Swerve to Avoid a Car Accident but Hit Another Vehicle

Common driving scenarios may force you to make a sudden decision, resulting in a collision with another vehicle. For example, whether a car pulls out in front of you, turns directly in front of you, or swerves into your lane, these actions may cause you to make decisions that will cause damage to another vehicle. …

Are You Suffering From PTSD After a Motor Vehicle Accident

You could have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a motor vehicle accident. The American Psychological Association (APA) considers motor vehicle accidents the leading cause of PTSD in the general population. Another study says that PTSD exists in 25-33% of motor vehicle accident survivors at least 30 days after the accident. If you’ve been diagnosed and …

What Happens if I Don’t Contact My Insurance After an Accident?

Many fear contacting their insurance company after an accident because they think their premium rates will increase. However, not contacting your insurance company may lead to unexpected results, especially if you’ve been injured and have medical bills and property damage to pay for. Suppose you have been involved in a vehicle accident and don’t know …

How to Recover Compensation for Your Child’s Brain Injury

According to the Brain Injury Association of America, in the United States, an average of 62,000 children, ages 0 to 19, suffer a traumatic brain injury that requires hospitalization. These brain injuries are usually a result of motor vehicle crashes, falls, sports injuries, physical abuse, medical malpractice, or other causes.  When a child suffers a …

3 Common Injuries That Cause Paralysis in Texas

Paralysis is a condition that often causes significant disruption in the lives of people who suffer from it. Injuries to the spinal cord, a severe head injury, a broken neck, or nerve damage are all things that may cause paralysis. What is even more distressing is that it may occur with little warning.  If you …

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Think You Have a Slip and Fall Case

Slip-and-fall injuries may happen anytime, anywhere. Whether you are walking in your neighborhood, going to work, or even just crossing the street, you may easily find yourself at risk of a fall. Knowing what to do when you suffer a slip-and-fall injury is important in order to protect yourself, your health, and your finances.  It’s …

Understanding the ‘One-Bite’ Rule in a Texas Dog Bite Injury Case

Dog bites are often serious, and if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite in Texas, you may be wondering what your legal rights are. Fortunately, Texas has a law that puts the burden of responsibility on the owner of the dog, referred to as the “one-bite rule.”  This rule is intended to protect …

What Are the Elements of a Premises Defect in a Texas Slip and Fall Claim?

A slip-and-fall accident is often a frightening experience that leaves victims with painful injuries, medical bills, and a lengthy recovery process. It is essential for those who have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident to understand the elements of a premises defect in order to effectively pursue a claim for compensation in the state of …

How to Determine Liability After a Texas Truck Accident

After a truck accident, it is important to determine who is liable so that you may receive the compensation you deserve. The laws in Texas relating to liability are complicated, so it is important to understand the different criteria that must be met in order to determine who is responsible for the damages.  Whether the …

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