Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I get if I make a claim for personal injury compensation?

Personal injury compensation amount that you could receive depends upon the degree of your injuries and its after effect on your daily life. After your personal injury claim is accessed by our team, they provide you with an estimate as to how much they can provide as compensation. In most cases, the more severe your accident, the more compensation you are likely to get.

How are personal injury damages calculated?

Dale Rose will consider the severity of your injury and the impact it has had on your life. They will see your financial losses, such as loss of income, and medical expenses incurred in the treatment process and use that information to calculate what they believe should be your personal injury damages.

Are personal injury settlements taxable?

No. As per the law, any compensation secured for personal injury damages is tax-free, which implies that you are entitled to keep 100 percent of your settlement.

Does personal injury compensation affect benefits?

If you have received a significant amount of compensation already, your eligibility to claim housing benefit or income support following your accident could be affected. However, claiming for compensation shouldn’t affect your benefits if you’re already on state benefit or income support. Your compensation amount can be reduced if you have already received the benefits.

What if my accident occurred in a public place?

If the accident has happened in a public place, you are still entitled to claim for personal injury damages. The person or company owning or responsible for maintaining the public area should have a public liability insurance policy to compensate members of the public for any injury they sustain while on the property. Your claim for damages and injuries will be made against that insurance policy.

How do personal injury settlements work?

If you have made a personal injury claim with Dale Rose, our solicitors will work faster to secure a settlement and get you the support you need. Once your claim is submitted, one of our solicitors will get in touch with you for further details to gather the evidence needed to support your case. Our aim will be to prove your injury, illness or disease was caused by the negligence (fault) of someone else in order for your claim to be successful.
The time it takes to settle a personal injury claim depends on the facts of the case and the impact your accident has made on your health and daily life. Dale Rose is one of the best personal injury lawyers and he aims to get you the best personal injury claim outcome in the shortest time possible.

Are there any caps on personal injury damages?

As every case is unique, its compensation will vary accordingly. You will not get financial caps on personal injury damages. Our specialist solicitors will discuss with you about how much you are likely to receive.

Will I have to go to court to get my personal injury compensation?

As court hearings increase the legal expenses, very few personal injury compensation claims actually go all the way to a court hearing.
In extreme instances, where there is a dispute, you may have to attend court. However, your solicitor will talk you through the whole process to make sure you know what’s going to happen.


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