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Bonham Bus Accident Lawyer

Bonham Bus Accident Lawyer

While public and school transit is useful and necessary in Bonham and the surrounding areas, it can be the cause of severe accidents when these vehicles are not handled with care. If you or a loved one were injured in a bus accident caused by another party’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation in a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

Retaining a Bonham bus accident lawyer is highly recommended. The right attorney will offer legal guidance and avail every resource at their disposal to help you prove or determine fault through the right legal processes.

Main Causes of Bus Accidents in Bonham, Texas

Just like any vehicles on the road, bus accidents may happen at any time, partly due to speeding or negligence on the bus driver’s part. Distracted driving, tailgating, and operating the bus while tired or intoxicated are examples of serious errors that put pedestrians, commuters, and other motorists in jeopardy.

Liability of Bus Drivers

If a bus accident is caused because a bus driver who violated a traffic law, they or may be held accountable for the victim’s injuries or damages. While the driver may be principally at fault for causing an accident, bus companies or school districts may be held liable if negligence was a factor in the bus accident. Accident victims may pursue claims against bus companies for failing to perform regular maintenance and repairs on the buses.

Liability of Bus Owners’ Companies

Bus companies may also be held legally responsible for overworking their drivers and failing to enforce substance abuse policies. They may also be asked to pay for damages if an accident was caused because the bus company didn’t perform background checks and qualifications before allowing drivers to get behind the wheel. In some cases, bus drivers are not the cause of an accident.

Liability of Other Motorists on the Road

Other motorists may be the at-fault drivers, and their carelessness is what leads to a collision or leaves the bus driver with no way to avoid a crash. In this case, whether it was your fault, you need a lawyer to investigate the cause on your behalf. If you have more viable claims on your side, your Bonham bus accident lawyer will avail all resources at their disposal to fight for the compensation you deserve.

How to Prove Negligence in a Bus Accident Lawsuit

Before pursuing compensation for a bus accident, a plaintiff attempting to file a lawsuit must prove that the bus driver’s negligence caused their injuries. Texas follows a comparative negligence system that allows plaintiffs to still collect damages even if they were 50% at fault; but you lose a percentage of the case award equal to their fault percentage. For example, if you absorb 50%  of the fault and file a lawsuit for $100,000 in damages for the bus accident, you would effectively lose 50% of the damages awarded to receive a total of $50,000.00

If you don’t know how different accident statutes and comparative negligence laws will play out in a Texas court, don’t attempt to file a lawsuit on your own for the above-stated reasons. It’s always recommended to consult with a seasoned Bonham bus accident lawyer who can vet your case and provide legal advice on the best way forward. They are best positioned to investigate your claim and present relevant evidence needed to prove duty, breach, causation, and actual harm.

 What Damages Can I Recover in a Bus Accident Lawsuit?

If you sustained injuries following a bus accident, how much compensation you may claim depends on who was at fault and the extent of damages you incurred. Bringing in a Bonham bus accident lawyer early on is advisable. They will help find evidence of the responsible party, identify your damages, sum up their value, and manage your insurance or personal injury lawsuit. 

Depending on your injuries, the expenses of being in an accident adds up pretty fast. Like most bus accident cases, you have a far better chance of a positive outcome (financially) than victims who choose to represent themselves. The details of your accident and the severity of injuries may help you recover the following damages in a bus accident suit:

  • You could be eligible for a loss of income compensation if you’ve missed considerable time from work recovering from your injuries.
  • You may receive damages in medical payments to cover tests, medications, or doctor visits to treat your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering may be recoverable damage for the physical and emotional trauma an accident may cause in a person.
  • Compensation to repair or replace your car or if you were on the bus, you may receive payment for any property damage or possessions lost in the accident.

If you are worried about paying hefty legal fees, don’t. Most  personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. They don’t get paid until they recover a favorable settlement for their client.  

Talk to an Experienced Bonham Bus Accident Lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC Today

While you don’t have to hire a lawyer, taking advantage of the free consultation that may  benefit you tremendously after a bus accident. During the consultation, you’re free to ask questions about your rights as a victim and learn more about your potential case, should you wish to pursue it. The best action following a bus accident is to retain an attorney to help you prove fault.

A bus accident lawyer has vast experience and knowledge in investigating accident cases and establishing evidence of negligence. If you were hurt in the accident and want to settle with an insurance adjuster or file a lawsuit, North Texas attorney Dale R. Rose has experience litigating accident cases and may help you pursue favorable outcomes. Reach out to us by calling (972) 634-ROSE (7673) or filling out our contact form to schedule a free and detailed consultation.

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