5 Steps to Take After a Rideshare Accident in Texas

20th August 2022     Sophia Hogg

5 Steps to Take After a Rideshare Accident in Texas

Rideshare companies may have replaced traditional taxi services to help people get around, but using rideshare may come with increased risks. As the demand for rideshare increases, so does the prevalence of driver negligence due to inexperience, inattention, or reckless driving. Rideshare accidents in Texas may result in costly economic and non-economic losses, as well as an increased chance of suffering a fatality

At Dale R. Rose, PLLC, we understand that protecting your legal rights after a rideshare accident in Texas is vital to recovering the complete compensation you deserve. We have over 25 years of experience handling claims and recovering millions in settlements and verdicts on the behalf of victims so they may obtain the justice and recovery they deserve. 

5 Steps to Take After a Texas Rideshare Accident

Protecting your legal rights following a rideshare accident in Texas is essential to recovering the complete compensation you deserve. There are five steps you want to take to bolster your chances of a successful rideshare accident claim.

To recover equitable compensation for your injuries and obtain the justice you deserve for rideshare driver negligence, take the following steps promptly after an accident:

1. Call Law Enforcement to the Accident Scene 

After a rideshare accident, calling law enforcement to the scene is vital, even if the collision was minor. Responding officers provide detailed police reports of the accident, including information regarding traffic violations and other valuable insight into who may be liable for the accident. This may be used later as evidence in a rideshare accident claim. 

2. Document Essential Evidence 

Documenting the scene of the accident and damage is imperative to a strong rideshare accident claim. Examples of essential evidence may include: 

  • Pictures of videos of any damages to the vehicles 
  • Photo and video evidence of traffic patterns 
  • Pictures of roadway markings 
  • Registration, insurance, and vehicle information of the other driver
  • Other valuable evidence, such as weather, distractions that may have caused the collision, or injuries you have sustained 

Capturing these examples of evidence may strengthen the validity of your claim and may help determine liability with the help of an experienced Texas rideshare accident lawyer. You should not have to take responsibility for the losses caused by another individual’s negligent actions. We fight for the complete compensation you deserve so you may obtain a full recovery. 

3. Seek Medical Care Immediately 

It is in your best interests to get medical care promptly after a rideshare accident, as injuries may not be visible or may be latent. A comprehensive assessment from a medical provider will ensure that you obtain a full recovery and that your injuries are connected to the rideshare accident. 

With the help of an experienced Texas rideshare accident lawyer, you may be able to determine the value of your claim for the injuries and other economic and non-economic losses you sustained due to driver negligence. 

4. Contact an Experienced Texas Rideshare Accident Lawyer 

To bolster the success of your Texas rideshare accident claim, speak with an experienced lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC, for knowledgeable legal guidance on how to navigate the insurance claims process or how to pursue legal action against the rideshare company. Rideshare accidents may be complex due to the various parties involved, and we handle every detail so you may focus on your complete recovery. 

5. Notify the Rideshare Company 

Notify the rideshare company of your accident by providing a detailed recollection of what happened. You may then be contacted by a rideshare employee to discuss the collision by phone. You may be better prepared to speak about your accident after obtaining legal guidance from a skilled rideshare accident lawyer. 

Liability in a Rideshare Accident in Texas 

In order to determine who is liable for your rideshare accident, you hold the burden of proof to recover the compensation you deserve. To prove negligence, demonstrate the following: 

  • Duty of care: Rideshare drivers, like all drivers on the road, are responsible for upholding a reasonable duty of care to follow all laws and regulations of the road. 
  • Breach of duty: The rideshare driver breached an adequate duty of care by violating traffic laws and regulations or practicing unsafe driving behaviors. 
  • Caused injury and damages: You suffered substantial injury and damages due to their violation of a duty of care. 

Speak with an experienced Texas rideshare accident lawyer at Dale Rose, PLLC, for help in determining liability and gathering evidence of negligence. We understand the complexities of rideshare accident claims and work to minimize any obstacles so you may recover the complete compensation you deserve. 

Speak With an Experienced Texas Rideshare Accident Lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC

If you were injured in a Texas rideshare accident caused by negligence, speak with an experienced rideshare accident lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC, for a detailed assessment of your claim. We have a vast track record of success, fighting for accident victims throughout North Texas and recovering multi-millions in settlements and verdicts so they may focus on their full recovery. 

Schedule a no-cost consultation today at (972) 634-7673 or fill out our contact form for knowledgeable legal guidance regarding your unique rideshare accident claim.


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