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Anyone who has experienced a motor vehicle collision knows it can beth frightening and traumatic. This holds especially true in cases involving significant personal injury and property damage. All injured parties deserve compensation for the damages they incur after another person’s negligence. A Frisco car accident attorney like Dale R. Rose, PLLC is well-versed in guiding injured clients through filing personal injury claims. 

How Can a Frisco Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Personal injury attorneys who regularly represent car crash victims off various services to their clients. We typically begin each case with a free evaluation, reviewing the facts you provide and offering our thoughts on legal strategies for pursuing your claim. Once we accept a case and enter an attorney-client relationship, we offer other services like:

  • Helping clients determine where to seek medical treatment for their injuries if they are unsure of where to go or unable to cover the costs themselves.
  • Collecting all the bills for related medical expenses attributable to the accident, including those for ambulance rides, chiropractors, doctors, hospitals, medications, radiologists, specialists, therapists, and other types of treatment.
  • Gathering evidence to support a client’s claim of damages and to help prove another party’s negligence.
  • Gathering supporting documents to establish a client’s claim of lost wages.
  • Seeking the maximum amount of recoverable damages for each client’s personal injury claims, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages, as appropriate.

You can depend on Frisco car accident attorney Dale R. Rose,  PLLC to vigorously pursue each client’s claims. We’ll typically attempt to settle your case by negotiating with the insurance companies, but if necessary, we’ll file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. This is sometimes necessary if insurance companies cannot reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

How Can I Help Protect My Legal Rights after an Auto Accident?

One of the most obvious methods to help protect your legal rights after being injured in an auto collision is to hire an experienced car accident injury lawyer in Frisco. It’s important to hire someone who is well-versed in this area of Texas law. However, there are some other steps that you can personally take to help preserve your rights. These include:

  • Never admit fault in the accident. This could be used against you later, and it’s not always immediately obvious exactly who was to blame.
  • Avoid talking to the insurance company if you’re injured. It’s usually an insurance adjuster’s top priority to minimize how much they pay in each injury case. Authorize your attorney to speak with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Photograph your injuries and vehicle damage. It can be extremely helpful to photograph visible injuries and vehicle damage to offer corroborating evidence for your claims.
  • Obtain your own estimate for vehicle repair. Never trust the value offered by the insurance company without obtaining your own estimates for repairing damage to your vehicle.
  • Collect all relevant bills and expenses related to the accident. Gathering up supporting documentation as soon as possible can help both you and your attorney as you build a case.
  • Be careful posting anything to social media. A good rule of thumb is to assume that the insurance company will be watching anything you post on social media. Don’t share anything that might weaken your personal injury or property damage claims.

Once you hire a car accident attorney, they can provide further advice and assistance in building your case. This will allow you to focus on what’s most important: recovering from the injuries you have suffered.

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