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When you have been a victim of a personal injury, you may be facing physical, financial, and emotional challenges. In a severe accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you should not have to foot the bill for their violation of a lawful duty of care. With the help of a Bonham personal injury lawyer, you may be eligible to pursue an injury claim to recover the compensation you deserve for economic and non-economic losses you sustained. 

At Dale R. Rose, PLLC, we have over 25 years of experience with an extensive track record of success, recovering millions of dollars for victims that have been harmed due to an individual’s negligence. We fight to obtain the justice you deserve so you may focus on your complete recovery. 

Personal Injury Cases We Handle at Dale R. Rose, PLLC

As an experienced trial lawyer, Attorney Dale R. Rose has over 25 years of experience handling a wide array of Bonham personal injury cases. With millions recovered in settlements and verdicts for accident victims, he is a passionate and determined advocate for obtaining the justice you deserve. 

At Dale R. Rose, PLLC, we handle the following personal injury accidents: 

Bonham Car Accidents 

Car accidents may cause various injuries, ranging from mild to debilitating. Injuries may include whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even fatality. Over 4.8 million victims had to seek emergency medical care as a result of collisions in 2020. An experienced Bonham car accident attorney may be able to help you recover the losses you have sustained related to the accident, such as costly medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. 

Bonham Truck Accidents 

Due to the significant weight and size, truck accidents may result in catastrophic injuries. If you were harmed in a Bonham truck accident due to truck driver negligence, you may be eligible to hold them or the trucking company accountable for the injuries you have suffered. At Dale R. Rose, PLLC, we have won multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts, recovering the necessary compensation victims deserve. 

Bonham Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcyclists are more susceptible to debilitating injuries due to the lack of protection on their vehicles. They are also less visible on the road to drivers, which increases the potential for an accident. In 2020, over 83,000 motorcyclists were injured, and 5,579 experienced a fatality. The experienced Bonham motorcycle accident lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC, may help you fight for the lawful compensation you deserve if you have been harmed due to a negligent driver.

Bonham Premise Liability Accidents 

If you have been directly harmed due to a negligent property owner, you may be eligible to recover compensation for the injuries you have sustained on their premises. Property owners have a lawful duty to upkeep their business to provide a safe environment for legal visitors. Over 1 million emergency room visits are annually caused by slip-and-fall accidents and may impact a victim long-term physically, emotionally, and financially. 

How Dale R. Rose, PLLC Helps Your Bonham Personal Injury Case

A Bonham personal injury attorney will significantly increase your outcome of success in a claim by navigating the complexities and obstacles, gathering evidence, conducting an essential investigation, and becoming a trusted legal advisor for you during the most challenging aspects of your case. Texas personal injury law may be complicated and tricky to navigate alone; even the smallest misstep may cost you the justice you deserve. 

At Dale R. Rose, PLLC, we rely on a comprehensive approach in order to prove liability in a personal injury claim and utilize the following strategies: 

  • Conducting an extensive investigation: In order to establish fault and liability, we will look for evidence of negligence that directly caused your personal injury
  • Advocate and negotiate fiercely on your behalf: Attorney Dale R. Rose aggressively negotiates on your behalf to obtain the compensation you deserve in the face of lowball settlement offers. 
  • Aggressively litigate your case:  We may take your case to trial to obtain the favorable outcome you deserve and represent you throughout the court proceedings. 
  • Personalized representation: We offer personalized legal services throughout every step of the claims process. We take the time to know your legal needs and circumstances to best tailor our services, representation, and resolutions to obtain a favorable outcome. 

Working with a skilled Bonham, Texas personal injury lawyer may help bolster your chances of success and allow you to focus on complete recovery while we fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Compensation You May Recover in a Successful Bonham Personal Injury Case 

In a successful Bonham personal injury case, you may be able to recover economic and non-economic damages related to your accident. In order to recover a favorable outcome, your Bonham, Texas experienced personal injury lawyer must show sufficient evidence of the at-fault party’s negligence that directly caused your injuries and other losses. 

In a successful Bonham personal injury case, you may recover the following damages: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Rehabilitation expenses 
  • Medication management 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Loss of future earnings 
  • Property damage 
  • Lost wages 
  • Pain and suffering 

Speak with the experienced personal injury lawyer in Bonham, Texas at Dale R. Rose, PLLC, for an assessment of your claim and an evaluation of the monetary damages you may be entitled to for the significant losses you sustained due to someone else’s negligence. 

Speak With an Experienced Bonham Personal Injury Lawyer at Dale R. Rose, PLLC

Work with an experienced Bonham personal injury attorney at Dale R. Rose, PLLC, if you have been harmed in an accident involving negligence to bolster your chances of a successful claim. Attorney Dale R. Rose has over 25 years of experience in effectively handling the most challenging personal injury claims. You should not have to cover expenses due to economic and non-economic losses caused by someone else’s carelessness. 

With more than 155 jury trials to his credit and multi-million secured for victims harmed due to wrongful negligence, he has helped countless clients throughout North Texas obtain the justice they deserve and is ready to aid you in securing a favorable outcome for the suffering you have endured. Schedule a no-cost consultation today at 972-634-ROSE (7673) or fill out our contact form

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